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Juice Cleanse Details

Each day on our cleanse consists of 5 juices, that we recommend consuming every two hours from 10am - 6pm:

1 DAY -   5 x 250ml Bottles
3 DAY - 15 x 250ml Bottles
5 DAY - 25 x 250ml Bottles
7 DAY - 35 x 250ml Bottles

Within each cleanse, you will receive a juice planner which is to be used to keep you on track with your cleanse, ensuring that you are consuming the correct juices at the correct time of day.

How Does Delivery Work?

We deliver every TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY. (select your nearest available delivery day at checkout)
Our cleanses are delivered in temperate controlled packaging. (your juices will arrive chilled)

Our courier will send you delivery notifications. (the morning of your chosen delivery day, you will receive a delivery notification via text or email with updates regarding your order, along with a 1 hour time slot in which you should expect to receive your order)  

Not going to be in? (not to worry, you will be given delivery options and can choose for your order to be delivered with a neighbour or left in a safe place)

How Do I Get Started?

    You'll receive a QR code within your delivery which is to be scanned for further information on your cleanse. (once scanning the QR code, this will take you to our members only exclusive page where you will be able to find more information on your cleanse.. and answers to any questions you may have in relation to you cleanse. For any further assistance, please contact

    Place juices directly into the freezer. (upon accepting of delivery, please place your juices straight into the freezer)

    Remove your juices the night before you wish to start. (take your juices from out of the freezer and place them into the fridge the night before you wish to start. Your juices will defrost over night and will be ready for you to drink the following day)

    How long will the juices last once defrosted? (our juices will last for up to 3 days once fully defrosted)