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Our Juice Cleanses

Pick the cleanse that's perfect for you!

How does our juice cleanse work?

Pick a cleanse

Depending on your goal, we have a cleanse for everyone. Pick between our standard & immunity cleanses, then simply select the duration between 1-7 days in which you would like to cleanse for. Simple!

Doorstep delivey

Pick a day that suits you for delivery & we'll take care of the rest! We'll email you with updates on both the day before and day of your delivery to ensure you're fully prepared for your cleanse.

Whilst cleansing

We’ll provide you with our ‘Active Juice Planner’ that can be used to help keep you on track with your cleanse. We'll also include a QR code on the back for you to scan... this will give you access to our VIP members page.


Here’s just a selection of the most asked questions. We’ve got a full range of questions over on our dedicated page. Click here to view all FAQs

  • What are the benefits from a juice cleanse?


    The standard Western diet relies heavily on unnatural processed & refined ingredients. It contains large quantities of meat, high fat foods, refined grains, processed sweeteners & dairy products that are hard on our digestive systems. Besides being enzyme deficient, processed foods are crammed with chemicals, artificial colours, synthetic flavours & preservatives. They're stripped of any real nutrients or antioxidants in order to prolong shelf life. A juice cleanse will help cleanse your body of harmful toxins, improving it's ability to absorb nutrients & removing irregularity & bloating.


    Our bodies are always naturally self-repairing. We're healing machines, constantly regenerating our vital functions. This requires energy. Our bodies have to work harder to process unnatural foods, causing strain on the body & wasting energy in the process. A juice cleanse will give your body a time-out from digesting so that it can focus it's energy on keeping you healthy.


    Support your immune system by choosing fresh, nutrient rich foods. Juicing is the fastest & easiest way to guarantee you're getting your fruits & vegetables in. Colourful plant pigments act as powerful antioxidants, nourishing our bodies from the inside out. A single day of juice cleansing often contains more nutrients than an average person's meals in one week! Repair and reboot for increased immunity!


    We're not saying a juice cleanse is the long-term solution to weight loss, but a juice cleanse is a safe way to shed some unhealthy fat stored by our bodies! You're likely to feel lighter & less bloated, while boosting your nutrient intake.


    By adding in more nutrients, you'll increase oxygen flow to the skin tissues, reducing inflammation. Your skin should improve, resulting in a clear, glowing complexion. Make sure you're choosing the right level of cleanse so as to prevent cleansing too quickly as this can lead to a sudden outflow of toxins.


    A juice cleanse helps clear the nervous system of toxins & harmful substances. You'll feel healthier, rejuvenated, free of stress, balanced & clear headed. A cleanse should also promote an incredibly restful sleep.

  • What order do I drink my juices?

    All our juices have numbered stickers on their lids from 1 - 5. Those numbers can also be found on your 'Active Juice Planner' which we recommend you following as this will keep you on track with your cleanse, ensuring your are only consuming the correct juice at the correct time of day!

  • Will I get hungry whilst cleansing?

    It's pretty normal to feel hungry in the first couple of days. This is totally expected & is more out of a lack of fibre than a need for nourishment. If you feel that not eating is going to be too hard for you, then head over to our light bites page where you will be able to find healthy recipes for meals we suggest whilst cleansing.

  • Can I drink anything else throughout the cleanse?

    We recommend upping your intake of water during the day to help flush out any toxins. We say at least 2L of water a day is essential. You can always add lemon slices, cucumber or fruit to your water if you prefer. It's best to avoid carbonated drinks as this can cause unnecessary bloating. However, herbal teas are great to have whilst cleansing for their antioxidant properties.

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